Professional Construction Hoist Manufactuer

CLSJ HOIST is a professional Construction hoist manufacturer & supplier. This product is also commonly called Construction elevator, Passenger material hoist,  rack, and pinion hoist,

Construction Hoist

Application: Muti personnel and outdoor materials elevator in construction. The dimension of the cage: 3.2m × 1.5m × 2.25m. Motor power: 2 × 12 kW, Speed 0-33m

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Mini Crane

The Mini Crane (also known as cranes) is an indispensable equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads and materials, essential for industry, port terminals and airports. They are much needed in construction sites where there is large movement and handling of loads and transportation.

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Conductor of Construction hoist

Conductor bar is a replacement for the power cable

This new type of conductor bar changed the old design which use rubber seal to protect from rainwater. This is made with Z shape bar that keeps the conductor from the rain.

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Rack Pinion Industrial Lift

Rack and pinion Industrial liftRack pinion industrial lift is a small rack and pinion structure lift. It has an automatic docking function like an indoor elevator. It can be used in port, chimney, bridge, tower crane, shaft and other working environments.

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Construction Hoist Spare Parts

We supply quality Construction hoist spare parts, Safety device, Motors, Gearbox, Gears, Racks, Rollers, Load Sensors, Calling systems, Mast sections, etc.

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Material Hoist

The material hoist is used for lifting material for building construction or other industry

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High risky Building Construction

The construction hoist we supply are widely applied in high risky building construction. This is a reliable lift for passenger and material on construction.The rack and pinion structure is stalbe and safe to long term use in rough condition.

Bridge Construction

We can provide lifting solution for passenger and material on brigde construction. We can disign incline rack and pinion lift according the the angle of the bridge.

Industriall field

We can also provide rack and pinion access solution for industrial use, such as Chimney, mine shaft, power plant etc.  We desine according to the sperical requirement of clients.

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