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CLSJ HOIST is a professional manufacturer of construction hoist,We are now one of the leading manufacturers of rack and pinion construction hoist based in China.

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Construction hoist are widely used for access to building construction, can meet any height and applied to very taugh everonment

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Passenger hoist is a vertical lift for passenger and materials, Different capacity and different speed available, Custmized size available

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Rack pinion industral lift is usually applied in special everonment, such as lift shaft, mine, Crane. It is safe and reliable

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Material hoist mainly applied to transport material, it is open top design, can load big size mateials, such as glasses structure, etc.

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We supply all range of of spare parts for construction hoist, such as sefety device, pinions, rollors, brake pad, Motors, Gearboxes, etc.

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Construction elevator is a elevator for construction working to transport pernonel and materials to high risking building

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About us

 Construction hoist manufacturer & supplier-Wuhan Changlong Century has 15 years of industrial production and leasing experience. focusing on creating high-quality, high-safety construction elevator brands. Mainly engaged in SC series construction hoist and construction elevators. It cooperates with many domestic and foreign leasing companies and contractors and is widely praised.

  Not only as we are the producer of construction hoist, but also user because we have been providing rental business to our client. A professional team to provide installation, dismantling, and maintenance services. strictly controlled on the quality of the material and parts we use for our hoist. Also, we gave technical support to our clients in other countries. To supply high-quality construction hoist to our client, and best after-sale services are our pursuit-Construction hoist manufacturer & supplier

Construction hoist manufacturer & supplier

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