worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducer advantages-construction hoist

worm gear reducer advantages-construction hoist Different construction elevator manufacturers will choose worm gear reducers or gear reducers in the selection of elevator drive devices, which have the following advantages: Compact mechanical structure, light volume, small and efficient; Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation; Easy installation, flexible and light, […]

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Helical gear reducer Advantages -construction hoist

Helical gear reducer Advantages –construction hoist Good meshing performance, low vibration, low noise and stable transmission. Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency as high as 95%; Large degree of coincidence. Reduce the load of each pair of gear teeth, relatively increase the bearing capacity of the gear, and have […]

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mast section-Q345B straight pipe advantages

The mast section of the construction hoist is mainly composed of pipes, frames, and racks. The quality of a mast section lies in the strength and the smoothness of operation. First of all, Q345B straight seam steel pipe has the advantages of high precision, uniform wall thickness, and high brightness […]

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