Passenger Hoist price influenced by 5 KEY feature

Do you know the Construction passenger hoist price? If someone asks me. I would say. It really depends. There are several features that influence the price of a passenger and material hoists. So we decide to write this article to list 5 key features that influence the price.

1. The Height of the passenger material hoist

Because the higher the height of a construction hoist is, the more mast sections and tie-ins will be used, and the more expensive the price will be.

2. The speed and capacity of the hoist

The engine of a hoist is using electric motors with a reducer. To reach different speeds, need to use motors and reducers, inverters of different specifications. These are also a key feature that influences the price.

3. The brand of parts selected Construction passenger hoist.

Selecting a different brand of parts, the price difference is huge. For example, the Nord motor and reducer are 2 times the price for other Chinese brand motors and reducers. And the different brands of inverter prices are also quite different.

4. Galvanized or painted

Galvanized are much more expensive than painted

5. Custmized design

A customized design construction passenger hoist is normally more expensive than the standard one. Because the production cost is higher, and it normally takes more time.

Above are 5 key features that influence the price of a construction hoist. If you have this knowledge, you can make smart choices on purchasing.

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Passenger Materials Hoist price
Passenger Materials Hoist price

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