5 Reasons Why Customers Do Not Buy From You—For Distributor Read

Being a salesman, It is frustrating that your customers buy from others instead of you. How to let your customer prefer to buy from you instead of your competitors. You need to know why you lose. In this article I will share 5 reasons why customers buying from others and how can we improve ourselves to win.

No. 1 Your customer do not trust you

Sometimes we only care about how to sell the products, but we forget one important thing, all businesses are based on trust. If you are not a trustworthy human being, no matter how good products are, and how the better a price you can offer, you will still lose. Trust is everything.,

No. 2 You do not Listen to your customer

Listen to your clients means you need to care about what your clients care about. You do not have to express too much your own opinion until your client tells you what he really cares about. For example, if a client cares about quality and after-sale services more than the price, but you only talk with your clients on price, he will lose interest in the conversation with you. Because he thinks he can not get what he wants from you. When I started to be a salesman years ago, I thought most of my losses were due to my price too high. But when I had my first big client, I realized I had been wrong. This client chose me because I was an honest man. And this is still my loyal client after so many years of cooperation.

No. 3, Not Enough exposures to your Cuctomer

Establishing business relations takes time. You need to be patient with follow-up. We can not expect to close the order after just one quotation. Your clients need to understand the offers they got from different suppliers. It takes time for him to make the right decision. You need to prove you are best at the correct time. If you only talk on price with your customer. Then your customer only knows about your price. But he may want to know more about you, you can not wait for the customer to ask you everything. You need to find a chance to expose what you are doing great to gain trust from him. Such as reference project cases, special designs or advantages of your products, your services, etc. If you not doing so, your competitors may get more attention and trust from clients. You may lose the order if you do not have enought exposures

No.4 You are not professional

Being professional is more and more important. Only professional people can provide the most competitive solution in a fast time. It can also save a lot of time on communication. Improffeciency sometimes will cause big trouble to customers. I got a new client in 2020, he came to me because his old clients sent him with wrong specification parts. It brings him a lot of headaches. The reason cause this mistake is because he does not understand the products well.

No. 5 You are not responsive

Being responsive is a good quality of human beings as well as as a salesman. If you do not take responsibility when your customer met trouble, your customer will not trust you anymore. Without trust, business relations will stop. So try to be responsive at every time, not only before sales but also after-sales. Do not let your customer wait too long. When they bet a problem, They need to solve it imidiately.

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