7 Secrets to find trustworthy suppliers from China

China has the largest indutrail chain. It is called the factory of China. There are many choices, and most important it is cheaper than sourcing from China. But how can we find a trustworthy supplier in China?
I have rich expierence on purchasing, quality control and international marketing. In this post I am going to share my secrets experience how to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier or partner in China

1, You have to be understand what you are going to purchase.

Everytime when I have to purchase some new products, I will do some seasrch work to understand how it works, what are the difference on specification. Difference of different quality etc. Because if it is not standard product, alomst 99% of products have differeny specifications, you need to gather these information to specify what you need, and send to the supplier. If you do not have enough details information, the suppliers may think you are not a serious buyer, you will not get serious attention from the supplier

2. Test whether the sales man are professional by asking smart questions

It is important to work with professional people which can help you a lot. Unprofessional guys will bring you al lot of truble. What qurstion to ask?  It depends, For example, why their product different, what successful story etc. If they are profeasional they will tell you a lot. But you need to tell whether they lying.

3. Only work with honest and patient sales

It is so important to work with honest person especially for long term cooperation. With the honest people, your money is in safe hand. And a patient sales will help you boom your business.

4. Find a companies which are responsive to you.

This factor is important, if a sales only care about the money, they will not be responsive on after sale services. If without enough support, your business is very fragile to lose your client.

5. Try to build a long term cooperatiom with only one or two reliable suppliers

Most companies will pay more attention to their old custmers, because old clients will put orders more frequently. They will give much more support to old cleints because they do not want lose old clients. Old clients may get more competitive prices and better terms of payment and delivery time. That is why I do not suggest always purchasing from new suppliers.

6. Let supplier be aware you are a portential big client.

Every company and sales like big clients, because big clients brings big order. They will pay more atention on big clients. It is importamt to let them know you are purtential big clients ro draw their atention to get faverable terms on prices or other terms.

7. Agent is some times is better than manufacturer

Many buyer thaught it is better to buy from manufaturer and not consider the agent. This stratigy may not always works. Sometimes the agent is better than a manufacturer. The advantage to cooperate with a professional agent is that they have good relations with manufacturers. If you need to purcchase several products, and the quantities are not big. It is better to let a trustworthy agent to help you. Agent are normally more professional on international logistics, they can help you gethers all products from different manufacturers and ship to you effitiently without problem.

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