Advantages of using Construction Hoist busbar

Advantages of using Construction Hoist busbar instead of cable trolley

No. 1: Less weight of the hoist engine need to bear.

There are many Advantages of using Construction Hoist busbar. The construction hoist busbar are fixed to the construction hoist mast tower. As a result, the hoist engine no need to carry the tralling cable. Trailing cable is trodtional power coductor, if use busbar, then no need to use cable.

No. 2: The Construction hoist busbar helps hoist used when heavy wind blowing. 

The Traditional cable trolley often damaged or failed due to heavy wind. This cause a lot of trouble for constractors and construction hoist hiring company. If use busbar, you will not have this problem again. Because the busbars are fixed to mast towers firmly, the wind can cause no problem and more.

No. 3 No afraird of cable stealing (Advantages of using Construction Hoist busbar)

The tradittional construction trailing cable are made of copper which is expensive and they can easilly be cut and stollen. But the busbar are fixed to the tower, they are heavy and not covinient to dismantle them in a short time. Nobody will steal the busbar.

No. 4 Easy to repair and can be used for long term.

The busbar are module design, they are connected one by one and can reach any height you need. In case any one of them damaged, just need to replace or repair the damaged one, it can perfectly again. But if it is cable, it is anothe horrible story. In case the cable broken, normally the complete cable are waste. Because even connected the damaged part again, it is not good and not safe to use for cable trolly system again.

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Full video for installation of construction hoist busbar

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