Buy Dismantlable Passenger Hoists Cabin to Save Shipping Cost

Buy Dismantlable Passenger hoists can save a lot of shipping costs. In Sep of 2021, One container 40HQ from Shanghai to Brazil port cost about 13, 000 USD. This is a huge cost of Shipping. But one 40 HQ can only stuff 3 normal cabins. That means freight for each cabin costs more than 4300 USD. This Shipping cost is 3 times of the cost 2 years ago. Chinese Passenger material hoist is very popular in Brazil because of the good quality and competitive price. But when the Shipping cost became huge. It is a big burden for Brazil’s importers of Passenger hoists.

CLSJ developed a Dismantle Passenger material hoist to help clients to save Shipping costs. Now in one 40 HQ container can carry at least 7 cabins. The shipping cost for each cabin was reduced. 4300 to 1857 USD. This will make a big difference for importers in America.

Above reference, photos were shipment for customers in Thailand. If you are interested to know how much this dismantlable Passenger material hoist cost, You contact us for a Quote

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