We Focus on Quality

CLSJ HIOST has the essensial certificates for manufatuing construction hoist. We strictly control the quality of our proructs. QA All the spare parts or material, have to be tested or examined before entering the store. If quality not ok, return to the supplier The feedback from the after sale service will be reported to the production management. If the reason is the quality of the spare parts, report Quality control during production Confirm whether the drawing has any place wrong or unreasonalbe before productioned to the supplier and find solution If error during the production caused the quality problem, reported to the management, and try to find solution to prevent of happing again

Quality Control

CLSJ HOIST Construction hosit quality control1. Test in the factory after production finished

2. Test the hoist up and down, 2 speed whether working well

3. Test whether the hoist running smoothly with low noise

4. Test the doors, counterweight, make sure the door can be open and closed without trouble

5. Test whether the rack and pinon pit perfectly

6. Test whether the gap between the roller and mast tube is ok

Test whether the load sensor working well

Test all the limit switches whether working well Drop test to test whether the safety device working well

Our Certificates