Construction hoist Control Panel Microcontroller Boards

1. What is Construction hoist Control Panel?

The construction hoist Control panel is designed to control the construction elevator. It consists of an electrical box,  Brake resistance, Operator panel, encoder,  remote control box, drop test control box

Construction hoist Control Panel with Microcontroller board

Construction hoist control panel

2 What are the Advantages of this Control panel ?

  1. Automatic stop at the target floor accurately. It makes the hoist working more efficiently
  2. Failure indicating 
  3. Multiple function Operator Panel ( Joysticks, touch screen,  fingerprint, IC sensor lock)

Construction hoist operator panel

  1. Small Size. The control panel adopts a Microcontroller board, uses very little space.

3. Special Features: Automatic Stop Encoder (Optional)

Construction hoist encoder

4. Complete Use guide

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