What is Construction Hoist Intercom Speakers?

Construction hoist intercom Speakers is a speaker calling system for communication between operators and workers in a high building. It is consist of Speakers, power source, and wires socket. The socket are standard, and can add more Speakers when the building is going up need more Speakers in each Floor.

How to use them?

It is very easy, just press the button to talk, and the onother Speaker in the Hoist Cage will hear you.

Special Feature

A special Feature of this product is it has an Alarm Button. In case of any Emergency accur in a Floor, the people who need to ride the hoist can press it. And this will Send signal to Operator and this person can use the ride the hoist as soon as possible.

Construction Hoist Intercom Speakers

Where Can I buy these products?

This video introduces what are they consist of and how they work.

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