FRP grating

FRP grating-why do the construction hoist choose to use it?

FRP grating is widely used in the manufacturing process by construction hoist manufacturer, due to its many advantages.

    Light weight: Its specific gravity is about 1.8, and its weight is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum.

High strength:

It strength is ten times that of rigid PVC, when installation on the bottom of the cage, increase the loading of the bottom .

Corrosion resistance:

It is a non-metallic material that is not rusty, non-corrosive, does not require paint

Due to the open-air construction environment, the surface of the elevator is easily corroded, and the FRP grating is used to enhance the protection.

Fatigue resistance:

It has slight elasticity, which makes people feel comfortable when work on it.

Convenient installation:

It greatly reduces the weight of the components, thus reducing the weight of the supporting structure.

No lifting equipment is required during installation, which is economical and convenient.

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