Horrible Construction Hoist Accident Caused By Most Frequently Mistake

Construction hoists are equipped with many effective safety devices. It is very safe vertical lifting equipment for passenger hoist on civil construction buildings. And after decades of development and technology updating, it is one of the most mature construction equipment. But unfortunately, there are still many deadly construction accidents every year due to careless human mistakes. Today we are going to talk about one of the most frequently but deadly mistakes through an investigation of a construction hoist accident that occurred in May of 2020 in Yulin, Guangxi

Accident Photos

Construction hoist accident
Construction hoist accident

The hoist cage with top drive and few masts falling crush into the ground. The cage was crushed to pieces. 6 workers were in the cage when it fell, unfortunately, no one survived.

Construction hoist accident

In this view, we can see the mast section was pulled curved to the left side. And we shall notice the two tubes close to the wall curved more. But another two tubes curved not much.

Passenger hoist accident

This hole for the mast section bolt was damaged a lot by pulling.

This hole was damaged not much.

This hole for the mast section was not damaged at all. This is very strange if it is with a bolt fixed here, this hole will be damaged too. The only reason is that the bolt was missing before the accident

This is another hole that was not damaged, this bolt was missing too before the accident

Investigation result of this Construction hoist accident

This accident was caused by a human mistake that the 2 sets of bolts are missing. When the hoist cage move over this mast connection point. Only two bolts can not bear the capacity of the cage and the strong force of gravity pulled the mast curved and damaged the bolt’s hole. Finally, the cages falling to the ground and caused this deadly accident

Punishment of mistaken supervision

The supervisors of the construction hoist rental company who owns the hoist were suited because of his careless fault. Many people related to this accident were punished. Safety is always the priority. We all shall learn the importance of the strictly working and inspection procedures on hoist installation, dismantling and Maintenence

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