Construction Elevator

Construction Elevator is an out-door elevator for building construction. It is a temporary vertical transportation machine that moves people or freight between floors, levels, or decks of a building, vessel, or other structure. It is widely applied for building construction, or another site like Chimmny, Bridge, Factory.

This kind of elevator using a rack and pinion system which is reliable and safe. It equipped with a variety of safety equipment: Centrifugal Safety device is one of them. It is a Centrifugal brake when the elevator is falling and reach the max limit speed set in the Safety device, the brake will work and stop the elevator and shut down the control power.

Limits switches also equipped in the elevator. There are door limits. This limit switch is a protection that will not allow the elevator to move without close all the doors properly.

Mechanical interlock is another protection device. When the elevator does not arrive on the ground floor, the enclosure doors and cage doors are both locked. This can forbid any unauthorized access to under the elevator.

OEM is available, such as heavy capacity, big abnormal cage size, high speed, etc. We can also design according to the regulations of different countries. We have experience in designing for Brazil standard, Australia Standard.

Use good quality materials and spare parts for our elevator to make sure reliable performance. We devoted to provide our clients with the most reliable and competitive products with the best after services. Our hoist has exported all over the world. Our hoists were once used to serve the President of Egypt.

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