Construction Hoist Spare Parts

Construction hoist spare parts

Our parts range:

A: Pinions, gears, rollers, brake pads, back rollers, motors, anti-fall safety devices, reducers. And Reducer output shafts, racks, plum wreaths (Rubber for coupling), couplings. Fixed plates, armatures, brake coils, brakes. Elevator fasteners, elevator screws & bolts of various specifications, overload protectors (Load sensor). Wireless calling system, Joysticks, Controller, limit switches, 3 phase switches and more!

B: We also supply parts for different brands of hoists like: Baoda, GJJ, Anka, Zoomlion. Gearbox or Reducer part of different brands: Aoya, Xianghe, Huashengchang, Tianming, Huatian, Cao’s matching reducers, worm gears! Motor Parts, coil, brake assembly, drive gear, waist roller, brake pad, backrest wheel.

C: Motor, reducer, transmission mechanism, steel plate spring, motor front, and rear cover, motor mainspring, motor wiring Column, adjusting handle, fixed plate, armature, worm gear, plum wreath, coupling,

D: Nylon pulley, counterweight wheel, door upper and lower wheels, hexagonal shock-absorbing block, rack, counterweight sliding iron. Hexagonal sleeve, Brake coil, motor fan blade, guide rollers, motor adjustment sleeve, rotating fastener, reducer output shaft,

E: high-strength screws, transmission washers, V-shaped screws, hook-shaped screws, U-shaped screws, standard section high-strength Bolts, AC contactors, frame accessories, Wall ties,

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