CLSJ HOIST is a professional passenger hoist supplier and manufacturer.

What is a Passenger hoist

Passenger hoist is a lift often used at construction sites to lift personnel and materials. It is also called construction hoist, construction elevator, rack, and pinion elevator, construction buck hoist, etc. It is very safe and reliable, widely used for many industries like construction, bridge, Mining, Industrial, etc.

Advantage of our Passenger Hoist compared with other supplier

Rack Pinion structure.

Several safety features:

Centrifugal Safety device (Brake) will stop the hoist immediately when the hoist calling falling to limit speed.

Mechanical Interlock for doors: The Entrance door, enclosure doors and outdoor are both equipped with interlock. The doors can not be opened unless the hoist cage stope at correct places

Several Limit switches: For doors, Reducing speed, Upper limit, and lower limit. We use very good quality limit switches, a good brand such as Schneider

Genuine Steel Material: We use Q345B steel for the structure,  the cage, mast section, Ties in. Some key positions we use bent steel instead of corner steel because bent one is stronger. We promise our client, the hoist cage will not change shape within 8 years (In China hoist service life not allowed to more than 8 years)

Strictly selected Parts: The critical parts such as Inverter, Motor, gearbox, safety device we use very reliable brand. All the parts we use have to pass our long term test before we use them in our products.

Why choose CLSJ HOIST?

We are not just selling products, we care about the satisfaction of our clients. We provide excellent services and support all the time. That is why we gain good reputation in this field and most of our clients prefer to cooperate with us for long term.

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