Construction hoist Safety device Saj40-1.2, Saj30-1.2



Application:Used For SC Construction HoistService Life:5 Years
Weight:35-56 KgGear:M8

Reliable good performance Construction hoist safety device Saj40-1.2, Saj30-1.2


  • Construction hoist safety device is also called anti-falling device.
  • It is a protection device keeps the cage from falling. ​​
  • This Safety device will act when the speed exceeds the set speed, and immediately stop the cage from falling.
  • We have been using this in our hoist for many years. It is very safe.
  • We offering different specification safety devices for different capacities and different speeds.
  • The most commonly used specification is SAJ30-1.2, SAJ40-1.2, SAJ40-1.4.

Technical Data

Weight50 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 50 cm

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