Construction passenger hoist

Capacity: 2000 kg

Lifting speed: 0-33 m / min

Cage size: 3.2*1.5*2.25 m

2000 kg capacity 34 m/min speed high-efficiency energy-saving Construction passenger hoist

  • Made of high-quality tensile steel
  • Load capacities up to3000 kg 
  • Lifting height can be increased in jumps as the building increases in height
  • Cage width 1.5 m and lengths from 3.2 m
  • Driven by powerful motors mounted inside or above the cage
  • High-speed hoist models available with speeds of up to 96 m/min
  • The conductor bar is optional. It has a new power system without cable. In this way, no need to worry about cable damage.


  • Construction passenger hoist is popularly used in building construction machinery, in general mainly used in high-rise building construction of inside and outside decoration like bridge chimney construction. Because of its unique enclosure structure,  the hoist moves very stably.

Technical Data


Construction hoist



Rated capacity/per cage


Lifting speed

0-33m / min

Cage size


Motor power


Speed ratio


Invertor Power

37 kW

Safety device


Mast section size


Max. Installation height


Cable type

Cable basket/cable trolley

















 Features of construction passenger hoist

  • The electrical system has a backup system, in this way the hoist can still operate in case the normal system failed.
  • The Drive unit put on top of the cage so that the cage has a large and comfortable space.
  • Smooth transmission on the top, so it has small vibration and is very comfortable operating.
  • Due to the Light and reasonable structure, the construction hoist is easy for maintenance and installation.
  • Especially the hoist uses genuine parts and materials, Before delivery, all the products are tested strictly.
  • The aluminum plate in the side of the cage and doors makes little noise when the hoist moving.
  • Dip painted finishing is used for mast, As a result, the inside has a strong anti-rust function.

Installation video for construction passenger hoist


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