1.  Introduction

This Helical Bevel Gear Reducer is mainly applied in the construction hoist or passenger hoist, it has following features: 
1. Vertical shaft helical bevel gearing arrangement gearbox.
2. Input shaft and output shaft are vertical in the helical bevel gear reducer.
3. No strict limitation to the mounting type.
4. Easily connected with and driven by different types of motors or other kinds of input power. The same type can be adapted to optioned powers of motors. It is therefore easy to realize different solutions for varied requirements.
5. Ratio: Wide range, very big final ratios can be obtained through combined unites to reach extremely low output speeds.
6. High Strength, Compact Structure: Housings are made of high strength cast iron. Gears and shaft gears are finished with gas carburizing process and precise grounding to sequentially get high loading capacity of per certain volume.
7. Long Service Life: Under the condition of accurately selecting type size and the normal maintenance and use, main components (except those easily-disabled parts) can last as long as up to more than 25,000 hours. Vulnerable parts include lubricating oil, oil seals, and bearings.
8. Low Noise: All key components are finished by precisely machining, accurate assembly, and finally tested, and therefore, fairly low noise is reached.
9. Stable running, excellent performance, large load, low consumption, high efficiency, low temperature rise. 

2. Characteristics

Transmission efficiency 95%
Save energy 40%
Never leak oil
Larger size bearings
Higher radial load capacity
Higher axial load capacity
Synthetic lubricating oil,
Longer oil change intervals.
Light weight and strong intensity.
The motor is divided into by motor part and electromagnetic brake part.
Motor enclosure protection class is IP55,The enclosure of the electromagnetic brake is IP23.(See GB/T4942.1-2006).
The cooling method of the motor is IC411 (See GB/T 1993-1993)
The structure and installation type of the motor are IBM5 (See GB/T997-2008)
The motor’s benchmark working system is S3-25%, Base load sustained rate 25%,Each duty cycle is 10min.
The rated voltage and frequency of the motor are 220V50Hz/380V87Hz Or 380V50Hz.
The motor should be manufactured at rated power.



3. Technical Parameters


Art. No3.10.08.010
PackageWooden case
Transmission Ratio(i)10-40
Brake torque(N.m)180-200
Input Power(kw)7.5-32
Insulation classH
Transmission efficiency(%)95
Protection levelIP55
Input Revolutions(r/min)0-2560
Oil level (L)5


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