Incline construction hoist for passenger and materials

Mainly used in special construction areas such as bridges and chimneys


Incline construction hoist

Incline construction hoist is a rack and pinion hoist for bridge construction, it is surely designed for incline building to lift passenger and material.

Technical Data

ItemConstruction hoist
Rated capacity/per cage2000kg
Lifting speed0-63m/min
Cage size3.2*1.5*2.25m
Motor power3*15kw
Speed ratio1:10
Invertor Power55 kw
Safety deviceSAJ40-1.4
Mast section size0.65*0.65*1.508m
Max. Installation height250m
Cable typeConductor bar



1. The drive system is on the top of the cage that is reliable and easy to operate and maintenance.

2. The highest working lifting height can up to 250 m,so it can meet most construction needs.

3.Not only  used in building construction, industrial and mining enterprises, but also multi-layer workshop, warehouse.

4.  It designs includes several major safety systems, such as broken rope dock safety device, safety device and the buffer device, limit scitch, rope locking device safety protection devices, etc.



1.The latest design adopts FRP grating, which is corrosion resistant, light weight, high strength.

In addition increases the load-bearing bottom of the construction elevator.

2. The pipeline adopts Q345B high-frequency welding pipe material.

3. It adopts the dip paint process that the corrosion resistance is good.

4. The frame adopts the bending process that has high strength and good safety performance.

5. The rack is made of C60 steel bar, which has high strength and wear resistance.

6.The mast section connecting bolts are 8.8 grade galvanized high-strength bolts.


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