Incline construction hoist for passenger and materials

Mainly used in special construction areas such as bridges and chimneys

incline construction hoist

The inclined construction hoist is produced to meet the construction needs of special-shaped buildings. The cage should always be kept vertical during operation. The guide rail frame is installed obliquely according to the needs of the building. The cage has two force-bearing columns and a cage. The frame is made into an inclined form, and its inclination is consistent with the guide rail frame.

ItemConstruction hoist
Maximum tilt angle12°
Lifting speed0-33m/min
Cage size3.2*1.5*2.25m
Motor power2*12kw
Speed ratio1:18
Invertor Power37 kw
Safety deviceSAJ40-1.2
Mast section size0.65*0.65*1.508m
Max. Installation height250m
Cable typeConductor bar


In order to meet the needs of the construction of inclined buildings such as bridges and chimneys, the inclined construction lifter installs the guide rails in an inclined manner according to the shape of the building, while the cage is kept horizontal and runs up and down along the inclined guide rails.

         1. The rail frame can be installed within the range of inclination angle below 12° (customization is required for more than 12°);

  2. The design of the structural parts such as the hanging cage, the guide rail frame, and the wall system has been analyzed by computer finite element, and the structural force is in good condition;

        3. Two drives in the cage, high efficiency transmission, stable and reliable starting and braking;

        4. Ten safety limits are set, and single gear safety device is adopted, which has high safety;

        5. Adopting a new type of cable traction method, and equipped with a dense cable protection frame, the cable accompanying is more reliable;

       6. The maximum erection height is 150 meters, and the heavy-duty standard section is adopted, which can be increased to 250 meters;


1.The latest design adopts FRP grating, which is corrosion resistant, light weight, high strength.

In addition increases the load-bearing bottom of the construction elevator.

2. The pipeline adopts Q345B high-frequency welding pipe material.

3. It adopts the dip paint process that the corrosion resistance is good.

4. The frame adopts the bending process that has high strength and good safety performance.

5. The rack is made of C60 steel bar, which has high strength and wear resistance.

6.The mast section connecting bolts are 8.8 grade galvanized high-strength bolts.


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