What is Material hoist?

Material hoist used for vertical transport of construction building material. It is efficient and can be installed in different tough conditions. No lift shaft needed for this. The modular design to make a mast tower with a rack which is the tack for the hoist. It is reliable.

Technical Data

ItemMaterial hoist
Rated capacity/per cage2000kg
Lifting speed0-34m / min
Cage size3.2*1.5*1.5m
Motor power2*12kw
Speed ratio1:18
Invertor Power37 kw
Safety deviceSAJ40-1.2
Mast section size0.65*0.65*1.508m
Max. Installation height250m
Cable typeCable basket/cable trolley


More features :

  • With complete advanced safety device SAJ40-1.2, national standard anti-falling device.
  • Adopt 2 motors drive,  Saving energy a lot.
  • Smooth transmission, small vibration, comfortable ride
  • Tie in is a Stable attached device attaching to the building, safe and reliable. Distance for each tie in is 6-9m
  • Light & reasonable structure, easy for maintenance and assembly
  • Custom design available, we can provide different size of the mast section, the cage with different speed and capacity. from 500kg-3000kg


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