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Versatile cranes for lifting and moving loads

Cranes (also known as cranes) are indispensable equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads and materials, essential for industry, port terminals and airports. They are much needed in construction sites, where there is great movement and handling of loads and transportation. It facilitates the transport of bricks, cements, blocks, and tools, for example, in addition to unloading and loading containers, heavy material in large warehouses, among other applications. In this issue, we selected four types of cranes, from major manufacturers in the industry, to answer your questions and make the best choice.

Versatile cranes for lifting and moving loads


Technical data


Hoisting hoistMotorModelYDEJ132S-4/8
Rotating speed1440/720
Transmission ratioi43
Number of strandsstorey4
Length of tolerantm200
Wire ropeSpecification18×7-7.7 Alternating twist
Lifting speedm/min22/11
Rated weightt0.5

Rotation mechanism

MotorModelElectromagnetic Brake Frequency Control Motor YZPEJ90L-4
Rotating speedr/min1440
Transmission ratioi391
Supporting the rotation supportModel


Number of teeth




Number of teethz20
Swing speedr/min0-0.6
Machine heightm8.75
Arm lengthm6


Manufactured by the Wuhan Changlong Century(CLSJ) to meet projects that require medium-sized equipment, however, equipped with the technology of larger equipment. Supports up to 600 kg, with 6 meter boom, maximum tower height of 100 meters, and 360 degree range. It is ideal for hoisting armored hardware. They are versatile, fast installation, developed with technology, engineering and quality of national manufacture. They are equipped with radio control, ascensionals, modular, and fully motorized. According to the manufacturer, the equipment is recognized as one of the models that offer best cost benefit in the market. Founded in 2006, CLSJ has stood out with products that add efficiency with high technology. It began to manufacture MINI CRANE and lifts for construction, AND  to produce lifts in the rack and pinion system for the construction market, which today is the company’s main product. In 2017, Montarte started manufacturing this crane model due to the great demand of its customers.


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