Construction Passenger hoist

Introduction of Construction passenger hoist:

  • Wuhan Changlong Century co., LTD focus on the manufacturing of Construction Passenger hoist. We provide efficient vertical transportation for materials and passengers. It has been applied in building construction, bridge construction, chimney, etc. Due to the good quality, our products were used to serve the president of Egypt.
  • Our hoists use VFD controls in the electrical control system. In this way, variable speed can be achieved. The VFC control also can protect the electrical components. No high starting current anymore with VFD control.
  • Available capacity is from 1000kg to 2700kg. Single cage and double cages are both available.  We focus on safety, durability, service.
Itemconstruction site lift
Rated capacity/per cage1000kg
Lifting speed0-34m/min
Cage size3.0*1.3*2.25m
Motor power2*7.5kw
Speed ratio1:18
Invertor Power18 kw
Safety deviceSAJ30-1.2
Mast section size0.45*0.45*1.508m or 0.65*0.65*1.508m
Max. Installation height100m
Cable typeCable basket/cable trolley


Construction Passenger hoist Performance features :   

  • ​Self-erecting winch hoist help mast section- can be installed without the tower crane.
  • The multi-function operation platform. a. with wireless calling indicator b. joysticks, c. overload protector.
  • It is very easy to operate. Other optional functions can be added if needed.
  • The lading door can lade to the floor, which is safer and more convenient.
  • Call buttons can be fixed to each floor, convenient for the user.

Safety features:

  1. Equipped with  Limit switches.  Such as the Upper limit and lower limit switches. These switches keep the hoist from crashing bottom, neither rushing out of the top.
  2. Safety device is also called an anti-falling device. It has Speed sensitive parachute braking system.
  3. Door interlock. Power will be shut down the power when doors not closed properly.
  4. Overload protector. This will alarm when the hoist is overloaded.
  5. Magnetic brake motors.
  6. Emergency stop button


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