Rack pinion industrial lift SC40 Relilable Quality


What is Rack pinion industrial lift

Rack pinion industrial lift is a small rack and pinion structure lift. It has an automatic docking function like an indoor elevator. It can be used in port, chimney, bridge, tower crane, shaft and other working environments. The product has stable performance and strong applicability. This industrial lift can be installed and applied in different environments. It is specially equipped with an escape descent device. When the elevator is unable to run due to power failure or other reasons. The escape handle can be pulled to make the elevator slowly and uniformly car to the nearest landing level.

Technical data

Payload capacity400 kg
Erection load200 kg
Speed0 ~ 33 m/min
Rated lifting height150 m
Maximum tie spacing1.5 ~ 10.5 m
Internal width x length1.0 x 1.0 m
Internal minimum height2.2 m
Door opening (W x H)0.6 x 2.0 m
Mast section (W x H)650 x 1,508 mm
Power supply380V 3Ph 50 Hz
Power supply fuses32 A
Rated power11 kW
Inverter power15 kW
Starting current26 A
Running current20 A
Power consumption13 kVA
Base unit and enclosure3500 kg
Cage weight1000 kg
Mini mast with 1 rack67 kg
Wall profile (offshore)Stainless Steel
Cage frame treatmentGalvanized
Emergency lowering deviceEquipped
with centrifugal brake
Overload sensing deviceEquipped
Ventilation fan & lightEquipped
General: All lifts equipped with frequency controlled drives Different masts and tie- systems to meet all kind of application demands Cage and landing doors either manual or automatic Doors installations in different positions and combinations Variety of opional equipment  


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