Passenger and material hoist

Passenger material hoist is a popular outdoor lift to transport workers and construction material during building construction. Because this is a rack and pinion structure, it can be installed almost in any tough environment. And this is also a very safe machine, it has many safety features. One of them is called a safety device, also called an anti-falling device. In case the brake is not working, this will work. When the hoist is falling to reach a speed, this device will stop the hoist immediately and shut down all the power to protect the people from crash.

General Specifications

Usage:  Muti Personnel and materials outdoor at construction
Cage Dimension:  3.2m×1.5m×2.25m
Cage / Enclosure (type):  Painted net sheet
Motor Power:  2×12 kw
Safety Brake:  SAJ40-1.2
Power source: 380v/50hz   (Can be changed)
Main Electrical system:  Schneider contactor, Sunye Inverter
Rated Lifting speed:  0-34m/min


Cage Dimension (L*W*H):  3.2m×1.5m×2.25m
Roof and base plate:  Checked steel plate
Sidewal & Upper half:  Painted punched plate
Lower half:  Aluminum plate

Enclosure system

Doors materials:  Painted punched plate  Sliding door with Mechanical and electrical interlock
Main girder materials:  Bended steel plate Q235 and Shape steel.
Surface Coat:  Painted

Mast section

Materials:  Wire-netting, Angle iron,painted
Door:  Double open doors
Height:  1.8-2.0m
Dimension:  650×650×1508mm
Steel Grade:  Steel plate Q345B, HF welding pipe
Joining Bolts:  8.8
Surface treatment:  Dip painted

Tie in ( Anchor)

Adjustable distance:  2.9- 3.6 m(11 sets) in horizon range and 6m-9m each one in vertical
Angle of horizontal:  ±8°
Concrete Insert:  M24×160  4 pieces each set  and Foundation base metal

Safety device

Safety Device:  SAJ40-1.2
Overload Limited / Load Cell type
Top limit, bottom limit, speed governor, 3-Phase Cut-off
Emergency Cut-off.
Mechanical and electrical interlock inside door and outside door.
The phase sequence protection
Horn, spring buffer


Motor Power: 2×12 kw
Class:  IP54
Speed Governor: Worm reducer  Ratio: 1:18

Electrical Control

Main Contactor: Schneider brand
Inverter type : SUNYE brand
Power Source: 380v/50hz  (Can be changed to your requirement)

Man and material hoist  vidieo


Man material hoist
Construction hoist (Man material hoist)


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