The (Load cell) for Construction Hoist Spare parts

The AC 220V Overload Protector of Weight Limiter in Construction Hoist

The Overload Protector of Weight Limiter can measure the weight of the load through the weight sensor. It can display the actual load in real-time when the load capacity reaches the “set value” of rated load, and it can release the sound and light warning signals,  then provide the switch output. The whole system consists of sensors, connecting cables, and microcomputer host, and so on.

Product features:

1. High-quality material, exquisite workmanship, and visible details.
2. High-quality host with ABS shell, high hardness, corrosion resistance, and easily understand the wiring.
3. Humanized design at the bottom of the construction hoist, easy installation with four holes, and simple and convenient operation.
4. Accurate standards, digital adjustment, high safety, efficient work, and long life service.
5. Made of high-quality materials of chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy, which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

ItemOverload Protector of Weight Limiter
Product model11431005





1. The high-precision weighing chips can effectively guarantee the accuracy of the real-time load.
2. The particular function of time delay can eliminate the impact on the accuracy of the actual load.
3. High-quality and reliable connector technology. It can truly realize the zero-line scan process of product installation.
4. A reliable password control function. It can effectively prevent unauthorized parameter changes.
5. The rated load can set arbitrarily. It can greatly enhance the versatility and interchangeability of the product.

Five advantages of the Overload Protector of Weight Limiter:

1. Digital adjustment.
2. Small size.
3. High contact capacity.
4. Self-service communication.
5. Direct drive.

The pressure sensor is part of the overload protector, and it mounts between the top of the cage and the bottom of the motor device. With the pressure sensor, it can measure the weight of a weak strain, and transfer the weight signals into electrical signals, then pass through the transmission cable until to weight limit device.

The overload protector comes from the sensor signal by the limiter summing amplifier, A / D converter, and microcontroller operation. When the weight in the lifting cage reaches or exceeds the set value, the corresponding relay within the limiter respectively works and connects with the elevator control system, to ensure the hoist safe and reliable.

Product details:

The overload protector of weight limit in the construction hoist
The overload protector of weight limit in the construction hoist
The overload protector of weight limit in the construction hoist


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