1.  Introduction  

The SAJ 50/40 Safety Device for construction hoist anti-fall is important to ensure the safe operation of the construction elevator safety components. Construction elevator is running, when the cage due to failure caused by stall falling, anti-fall safety device start action and the brake torque is gradually increased, at a certain distance within the cage will stop smoothly on the rail frame,so as to ensure the safety of construction hoist or passenger hoist.

The SAJ 50/40 Safety Device is the most important safety device in the pinion and rack builder’s hoist, which can prevent the cage running over speed, and effectively reduce the cage dropping accident.


2. Features

1. Inner brake drum and Centrifugal speed limiter replace the original casting processing which may cause the security risks. We use the forging die process.
2. We use the sliding bearing of the leading enterprises and the preferred Great wall high quality grease. We use the special oil groove in the pinion shaft and add the silencing anti-vibration mounting In the inner structure, which can reduce the incidence of noise greatly.
3. We use the specialized production of spring pieces and friction plates in China, which can ensure the products’ stable retarding torque and open speed, quick reaction and smooth brake.


3. Ordering information

Indicating the model and calibrated tripping speed when placing order, the calibrated tripping speed (m/s) will be fixed according to the elevator’s running speed and the customers’ need.


Model code

safety device 40 diagram


4. Technical Parameters


Rated catching load/KN5050404040
Number of installed bolt hole*aperture*distribution of the circle4×φ17×φ3004×φ17×φ3004×φ17×φ3004×φ17×φ3004×φ15×φ284
Centralized positioning boss diameterφ140f9φ150f9φ140f9φ150f9φ150f9
Releasing mechanismContainedContainedContainedContainedContained


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