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Construction Hoist Intercom Speakers

Product Description
Construction hoist intercom Speakers is a speaker calling system for communication between operators and workers in a high building. This video introduces what are they consist of and how they work.

Safety First
Mainly used on construction and temporary Hoists/Elevators, it is recommended by OSHA, and also considered the industry standard in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Communications is critical to provide workers a way to contact the elevator operator in case of an emergency. When a worker is hurt or suffers a heart attack, seconds count to get medical attention to that person.
Also as a general intercom system, allowing supervisors and workers to locate and communicate with each other. The down time that it takes to find personnel and to manage workers is reduced tremendously, thereby adding to the profit of the project.

Intercom system Overview
– All units interchangeable.
– No antenna wire required.
– Two way communications.
– Volume controlled Car Units.
– Powered by safe 24 volts DC.
– Multiple frequency channels.
– Emergency alarm switches on all units.
– Operates in extreme weather conditions.
– Backup battery power supply for Car unit.
– Heavy duty composite Nylon Plastic enclosure.
– Up to 3 Multiple Frequency channels selection.
– Microphone gain adjustment, for control of feedback.
– Mute function, limits amount of Com units that broadcast.

Made in the China
This product is designed and made in the China. Our products incorporate the latest technology and are built with strict quality control in order to guarantee reliability and performance. Recommended by OSHA.

Construction Hoist Intercom Speakers function feature

The signal transmission is carried out by using the protection loop line. the signal is stable and reliable, and the special communication cable is not required.
The signal line and power line are not connected with high voltage, and the system is safe and reliable.
No electromagnetic wave pollution, do not need to apply for radio frequency, and can be used in the construction of the elevator intensive and authentic and other construction areas, and will not affect each other.
Press the button for intercom function,then It can prompt the communication is busy. It also has the squelch function.
Electronic volume control, convenient volume adjustment.
There is an alarm button, can be used in emergency.
Three frequencies available, voice clear and natural.
Supply Voltage: 220V AC or 110V AC
Effective Range: more than 300m(Conductor loop resistance<600 ohm)
Three Frequencies Available: 250KHz, 741KHz or 800KHz

 System installation

The installation method on each floor can be referenced to the left of the following view.
Note: in general a dedicated power supply device can only drive less than twenty.
In accordance with the drawings, another port dedicated power supply connected to the junction box, then connected to the coupler.
In the first floor of the construction elevator, the protective ground wire passes through the hole of the coupler, and it is connected with the ground.
Important note , in the communication system, the protective grounding wire passing through the coupler can not be grounded in the middle ground.

Installation instructions in the lifting cage of construction hoist

The installation method of the cage intercom see below right view.
In accordance with the drawings, connect the intercom, the call device power supply, and the coupler. In the lift cage, the protective ground wire passes through the hole of the coupler, and it is connected with the ground.
Description of terminal of special power supply device:

2NPower(brown)Three core cable
4-VCable shield
5-VNegative power(brown)The four core shielded
6+VPositive power(black)cable
7+VPositive power(blue)


Communication FailureThe protective ground wire of the coupler is grounded in the middle ground, and the protective earth wire and the ground wire in the hanging basket are not connected.
Poor communicationHigh resistance caused by ground wiring and/or poor connection.
Interference caused by electric motorCables require better sheielding.


What is Construction Hoist Intercom Speakers?


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