Tower Crane Safety Monitoring System HMLK2800-E

1. Product description

HMLK2800-safety monitoring system is based on the “GB12602-2009 Safety Technical Specifications for Overload Protection Devices of Lifting Machinery” officially promulgated by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and Administration, GB12602-2009 In this paper, clear requirements for tower cranes are specifically designed and developed for safety protection devices for various types of lifting equipment.

The system has a “black short” function that can record tower crane operating conditions, the number of overloads and real-time data in real time.

At the same time, the tower crane’s operating data can be uploaded in real time via GPRS for the tower crane rental unit or the safety supervision department to monitor and manage the transportation.

The system can also prevent collision and push alarms between the tower crane and surrounding obstacles and between the tower crane and the tower crane, so as to prevent it in advance.

The system can provide real-time early warning and alarm for the collision of the tower crane, and remind the operator to pay attention to ensure the safety of the tower crane.

It is a kind of safety protection network group control equipment for modern construction heavy machinery. It is a high-tech electronic system product and a relatively advanced product on the market now.

HMLK2800-E safety monitoring system is composed of weight sensor, angle sensor, amplitude sensor, height sensor, wind speed sensor, inclination sensor, instrument, distance communication module, wireless communication module, etc.


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