1.  Introduction

. This worm and gear of motor reducer is mainly used in the motor reducer for the construction hoist or passenger hoist.

. Optimization design of main parameters such as center distance and ratio. High interchangeability for main components. 

. Gears are made of high-class alloy steel, with carburization and quenching treatment. Gear surface hardness of HRC54 – 58. 

. Compact size, light weight, high precision, big carrying capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable transmission, low noise. 

. Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally.  


2. Features


①. The worm and gear of motor reducer have a high precision procession. They have the quality test through the detector and have a long service life.

②. Good bearing capacity and high transmission efficiency.


3. Size picture


4. Worm and pinion specifications


NoBrandArt. NoTotal length
of worm L (mm)
Bearing spacing spread L1 (mm)Speed
ratio (i)
Center distance a(mm)Worm teeth Z2(mm)Threads of worm (mm)Worm hole
1Hua sheng chang119700014521851:16125481865
2Hua sheng chang119700034521851:14125421865
3Hua sheng chang119700024521851:18125361865
4Hua sheng chang 
5Hua sheng chang119700254632041:1412542365
6Hua sheng chang119700264401901:1412542365
7Hua sheng chang119700273351801:1612548365
8Ao ya119700184471901:1612548365
9Ao ya119700144471901:1612532265
10Ao ya119700174471901:1412542365
11Ao ya119700154471901:1812536265
12Ao ya119700164471901:2012540265
13Cao shi119700134511831:1612548365
14Cao shi119700124511831:1412542365
15Cao shi119700114511831:1812536265
16Tian ming119700234371901:1612548366
17Tian ming119700284371901:1812536266
18Tian ming119700224302091:1612548366
19Tian ming119700294302091:1412542366
20Xiang he119700064211761:1612548365
21Xiang he119700054211761:1812536265
22Wan neng da119700104441801:1612548365
23Hua tian119700094501871:1612548365
24Hua tian119700074501871:1812536265
25Hua tian119700084501871:1412542365


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