What backup passenger hoist spare parts need to prepare?

What passenger hoist spare parts and consumable parts shall prepare for backup purposes?

It is important to have backup parts in case of failure of the hoist. Because it usually takes a long time and high cost to purchase from China or other countries. But what parts shall we keep stock? It makes no sense to keep all of them because it wastes a lot of money do to so.  According to our rich experience, we made a list as below:

Passenger hoist motors spare parts for backup

  1. Brake pad
  2. Sob adjustment unit
  3. Brake coil or brake assembly
  4. Motor fan

Passenger hoist reducer spare parts for backup

  1. Worm and worm wheel
  2. Output pinion
  3. Output bearing
  4. Coupling plums

Passenger hoist  rollers parts for backup

  1. Guide rollers ( long shaft and short shaft)
  2. counter rollers
  3. cable trolley rollers

Electrical parts for backup

  1. Relay
  2. Contactors
  3. Phase sequence (If have)  VFD model no need
  4. Rectify
  5. Transformers
  6. Joysticks
  7. Load cell
  8. Limit switches

Other parts

  1. Pulleys for doors
  2. Door interlock part
  3. Trailing cable
  4. Safety device (Anti-falling)

Consumable parts

  1. Lubricate
  2. Reducer oil

Above are some frequently used spare parts we suggested. It does not mean these parts are all easily damaged or break.  Some of them maybe will not break after few years. The maintenance of the hoists is also very important to keep the parts from damage.

If you need to purchase any of the above spare parts or other passenger hoist parts, feel free to contact us for the equation. We can supply you with good quality parts at competitive prices. We are very professional in this field and supply you with the parts that exactly match your requirements efficiently.

Tips: The quality of the parts is the key to a good performance for hoists. Please be cautious when you select a supplier.

If you are interested to know more details of our parts, please navigate our Passenger hoist spare parts catogery 


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