What is a passenger hoist ( Material hoist)?

What is a passenger hoist

What is a passenger hoist?

A passenger hoist with mast is a vertical transporting equipment to move passengers and material for a construction site. It is a temporary construction lift during construction. It will be dismantled after one project is finished, and can be reused for another new project. It is efficient, reliable, and safe. This equipment is widely used for many different construction sites. This is a modular system, it can be installed to different heights.  Maxim can reach 450m

What is a passenger hoist mainly consist of?

1 Hoist cage.

Hoist cages are for loading passengers and materials

2 Passenger Hoist mast section.

The passenger hoist mast sections will be used to build a track for the hoist cage and drive mechanism to move up and down. It is made of steel tubes and bent steel sheets and racks. Every mast sections have exact same size.

3, Base and enclosures.

Base and enclosures are placed on the ground to protect from unpermitted access to the bottom of the cage.

4, Tie-ins (Anchors).

Tie-ins are used to fix the mast to the wall, to make sure the vertical less of the mast and also keep the mast from falling

5, Drive mechanism

The drive mechanism is used to lift the hoist cage. It is the engine of the hoist cage.

6, Control panel and electrical system

7, Safety devices.

There are a variety of safety devices and equipment installed on the passenger material hoist. Including anti-falling safety devices, limit switches, buffers, 3 phase switches, brakes, interlock for doors, etc.

How is a hoist working

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