Why CLSJ Construction Elevator Has Fewer Failure Rate ?

Construction elevator failure is a headache for a lot of Users.

In this post we will talk about how CLSJ Construction elevator is different from many other brands in China. I visited few other brands recently and found many differences. In this article, I will list a few of them

1. Some companies only care about Sales instead of quality and reputation.

I noticed some manufactures only care about how much quantity they can sell every year. And they will save the cost of material and cost to use poor quality one. In this way, the selling price is lower than competitors. There is no doubt, the low-quality products have more failure rates. But CLSJ cares about Quality and reputation more than sales quantity. We use good quality parts and materials too. Make safe and reliable products.

2. CLSJ has a Professional technical team.

Many companies only produce Construction elevators and sell them, they do not use their products for their own. Especially for some companies only do export without local sales or rental business. Their products relatively have more failure. Because they do not have enough practical tests in the long term. They do not know their design is good or not for practical use before their customer use in projects for a period of time. CLSJ company can do better on this because this company uses its own elevators for rental business. We know our equipment very well. And we are constantly improving our products based on the feedback from the rentals business. In this way, we can give our clients professional After-sales support and our equipment have very little trouble

3. Always tested. 

Before Shipping to Clients. Technician will do commission debug to test every fuction to make sure it working properly. All parameters are configured well for user. Even the rollors we will adjust to make sure the hoists can moving smoothly.

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4.After- Sales Support

CLSJ HOIST has posted a lot of videos for technical support on Our Youtube Chanel

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